8 reasons to love African print fabrics

8 reasons to love african print fabrics


1) Even one single piece of African print fabric will make you stand out!


2) When buying African fabrics you are supporting African industries, African designers and creating employment. Make sure that the company where you get your piece(s) from is a Black business !


3) African fabric is very breathable and comfortable.


4) It is timeless! 


5) Dress to impress: African fabric can be worn for any occasion - as an everyday outfit, wedding, birthday events, summer festivals ,.. Even a small piece like a headwrap or handbag will make your whole look and style stand out.


6) You show your love for the African culture to the world while wearing it.


7)  It is vibrant, bold and beautiful 


8) It is easy to put together - there are so many different patterns. Why not choose a pattern that fits to your personality and character? F.e. if you love flowers, you can choose an African print piece with flowers on it. 



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    Denise (Donnerstag, 11 Februar 2021 12:56)

    Really nice




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