The Cowrie Shell - a spiritual African symbol

the cowrie shell

Cowrie Shells. Not just a good look - they are a symbol of traditional African spirituality, a tool to help increase fertility, a gift from the Ocean Goddess (Mami Wata) and have been a currency that dates back thousands of years. 


The cowrie shell was the first symbol of money and wealth known to mankind. In Ancient Africa (and at that time, the African civilization encompassed every land on Earth), the cowrie was used much like the dollar is used today.

They were wealth, and they were traded for goods and services.


While cowrie shells have become a social statement, in reality, they are a highly valued spiritual blessing.

They are used in weddings, funerals, traditional ceremonies, art...their uses are countless.

We can adorn our bodies and our instruments with cowries...we can tie them in our hair and sew them on our clothes... they can hang from our ears or necks..some women love to wear traditional African waistbeads with cowrie shells for fertility, they can be given as gifts or offerings...the only thing that one should never do with a cowrie shell is to burn it.

Regardless how we use the shells, one should always keep in mind the significance of the shell and its true spiritual meaning.



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